Threshold Tee-Shirts

Too excited for Threshold for words? Tee-Shirts for sale on Redbubble. Help us spread the word about Threshold by grabbing one of the new Tee-Shirts. Designed and illustrated by the Team Threshold artist, Mila Pokorny, the shirt features our main character in both summer and winter scenes. Shirts are available in both dark and light colors. We recommend a blue or green tee-shirts for the winter or summer versions. ;)

Threshold – A New Puzzle Platforming Game

Threshold Gameplay Trailer – Indie DB

We are very excited about our new game, Threshold (and our new team, Team Threshold) which we created during this year’s Global Game Jam. Threshold is a puzzle platformer game where you guide a cute little gnomish wizard of the seasons to find his way home through a series of mysterious doorways. All is not as it seems, however, as depending on which direction the player faces, the world changes to present different challenges.  Threshold is inspired by other puzzle platformer games such as Braid and Limbo.

While most of us have participated in game jams over the years, this was the first time that overwhelming positive feedback motivated some of us to continue working on a jam game after the event.  It is our hope that we can turn this fun and cute but mostly a prototype game into a fully featured game over the next few months.  We are keeping a mini-site for the game at, where we will be posting news, information, and the prototype downloads (for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux).


We would also love to include the IndieDB community in our play testing process so we have gone and created an IndieDB profile for Threshold.

Threshold - Windows
Threshold - Mac OS X
Threshold - Linux

Monsters! Holiday Sale

What better way is there to spend the holiday season then to be blasting endless waves of vengeful monsters bent on your destruction?   Give the gift of infinite Monster spawning!  Monsters! is on sale for 50% off for the next two weeks starting today!


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