QuadraTron Joins In On Ludum Dare 26 Fun

QuadraTron will be joining in on the Ludum Dare 26 fun this weekend.  Ludum Dare is an online game jam that takes place a few times a year.  I’ve participate in the Ludum Dare for the last few jams (I’ll link to our past games in short order).  I haven’t  decided quite yet if I’ll be teaming up with other QuadraTron regulars or if I’ll be working on the solo compo this time around.  Either way, I’ll be streaming my desktop, webcam, and some good music via the QuadraTron Twitch channel (see below), so come check it out and say hi!

Watch live video from QuadraTron Games on www.twitch.tv


Dinosaur Shootout – Creating the Art Assets Time Lapse

Travis works his pixel art magic in this time lapse video for a new game we are working on to promote a future game about wild west dinosaurs. Dinosaur Shootout will be a simple game where the player shoots at dinosaurs in an western setting. The visual style of the game try to replicate a wild west shootout marquee where gun slingers test their marksmanship against pop up and fast moving targets for points. Here’s a good example of what we are trying replicate from the movie Back to the Future part 3.

Enjoy! 😀

Team Rock Blasters! Prototype Now Available

My new game, Team Rock Blasters, is now available for play testing. You can download the game from the Team Rock Blasters! mini site or on IndieDB. Team Rock Blasters is a 2v2 team game based on the arcade classic Asteroids. Four players compete for points in a game of space rock blasting and gold chunk collecting madness. On each team a player takes on the role of either a Blaster or a Collector. Much like in the game Asteroids, the Blaster shoots at meandering rocks for points.

Team Rock Blasters Screenshot

Unlike Asteroids, however, may also blast the other team’s players to smithereens for points. In contrast to the Blaster, the Collector scoots around the play field collecting chunks of gold which were blasted out of the rocks by the Blaster. His only means of defense is a impenetrable shield. If he should die to rock or Blaster, however, all his gold (and points) float peacefully back into space. The team with the most points when the last rock is blasted wins!

Team Rock Blasters Screenshot

I’d love to hear your feedback on the game.  If you download the game and get to play with 3 of your friends, please feel free to use our contact form to tell me all about your experience.  If there is enough player support, I would love to pursue additional development of the game with the inclusion of additional game modes and optional gameplay elements.

Team Rock Blasters Screenshot

Monsters! High Score Contest

In a time, not far from now, Monsters! will be released here on Desura.  It’s time to grab your wizard’s staff, don your wizard’s robes, and defend yourself from the endless waves of your own monstrous creations.  To celebrate this long awaited day we are holding a contest for players who have purchased Monsters!  As a reward for your bravery, select players who achieve a top high score on our online Monsters High Score Leaderboard have a chance of winning a Desura Alpha Funding game of their choice.

For those of you who would like to participate in this contest, here are the rules:

– The deadline for submission of your high score will be May 1st.

– You must purchase the full version of Monsters! or have received a key from us for the game through Desura.  Folks who receive a key for the game through other sources (i.e. our Kickstarter campaign backers) may participate as well.  Trial version players are not eligible to participate (sorry, it’s a perk of purchasing the game).

– You must video capture your attempt at a high score and submit the link to it to qualify for the contest.

– Your Desura account name and score must appear on our online leader board at leaderboards.quadratron.com.  You can do this by making sure that after the game is over you enter  your name into the in game high score board.  Your score will be sent to our database after you do so.  If, for some reason this does not happen due to our server being down or some other catastrophe , we cannot accept your attempt (again sorry, them’s the rules).

– The winner (or winners) will get to choose an Desura Alpha Funding game of their choice with a price of $5 or less.

– For every 25 Monsters! sales we have we will add an additional winner to receive a prize.  For example:

– if we receive 50 total sales of monsters, the top two high score players will receive the prize.
– if we receive 500 total sale of monsters, the top 20 high score players will receive the prize.

– We reserve the right to disqualify anyone who we believe might be trying to deceive us in any way.  

– We also reserve the right to disqualify you if you try to nitpick these rules in order to win by technicality.  We are doing this to have some fun, not make our lawyer friends proud.

– I’m pretty good at this game, being the guy who made it, so you can disregard my name (zenasprime) from the Monsters High Score Leaderboard when you are trying to determine how well you are doing in comparison to others.  😉

If you have any questions about the contest or these rules please, don’t be shy, just ask.  I’m also all ears if you think you may have found a bug.  Good luck and have fun!  😀

Monsters! Released on Desura

Pick up your magic staff and don your mystic’s robes because Monsters! version 1.0 has been released!  The game is finished and has been officially released on the digital distribution platform Desura.  For all of you waiting for the final version, it is now ready for folks to madly compete for high scores!

Desura Digital Distribution

A trial version of Monsters is also available for those of you would try before they buy. You can find the trial version either on the monsters mini site or through Desura’s sister site IndieDB.


Speaking of high scores, check out the Monsters! High Score Contest.  Get the high score on our Monsters Online Leader-board and win a Desura Alpha Funding game of your choice (under $5).  Send us a video of you scoring the high score for a chance to win.

Good Luck and thanks to everyone who’s supported Monsters! thus far!

QuadraTron Games on Twitch.tv

I just wanted to let folks know that on most weekdays, from 10am to around 5pm (EST) I stream my development desktop and my mug at www.twitch.tv/quadratron. While watching me code and develop video games might be akin to watching paint dry some days, I am more then happy to chat and discuss my development process, Unity3D, or anything related to games and their development. Please stop by and say hello! 😀

Watch live video from QuadraTron Games on www.twitch.tv