QuadraJam, A Bimonthly Game Jam Hosted By QuadraTron

Hey folks! Every two weeks QuadraTron Games is going to host a game jam while we are streaming live on Twitch. Viewers are welcome to participate in the jam, all they need to do is create a game during the week we are broadcasting the jam. You can chat live with us during the broadcast via the Twitch chat interface. The rules for the jam are pretty casual friendly so don’t feel as if you need to be an established developer to participate. News and submitted games will be featured on our QuadraJam mini-site.

If you would like to participate but missed the first day’s broadcast and chat discussion, just join us in chat or contact me by email with your game idea any time up to Monday, May 20th. On Monday, we’ll be highlighting the games that were submitted. I’m also available if you have any questions or suggestions.

Good luck and have fun!

Arecibo: A New Puzzle Game

Arecibo Game Play Video – Indie DB

I’ve just finished up the alpha build for Arecibo, a simple yet challenging puzzle game inspired by the Arecibo SETI Message. You can download the Arecibo alpha as a stand alone application or play the Unity web-player version from the Arecibo mini-site. Check out the About page for some brief instructions on how to play. Arecibo is also available on IndieDB. As always, let us know what you think through our contact page. Good luck and have fun! 😀