Super Rock Blasters Update

Hi folks, we are happy to report that we’ve uploaded the latest Super Rock Blaster update to For version 0.13 we spent some time squashing bugs:

  • A bug that was preventing the Asteroids from spawning was fixed
  • An issue where the Thrusters were still firing during Shielding was fixed
  • Scores are now locked after a match has been won
  • Ties are no longer possible
  • Scores now appear in order of player number
  • Asteroids no longer spawn in the middle of the screen
  • The winner is now displayed as that player’s color at the end of a match
  • Fixed an issue where audio was too quite
  • The game no longer bugs out on first launch
  • Canceling a match during the countdown is properly handled now
  • Fixed the Full Screen toggle to accurately list it’s current state

Monsters! Now On Steam!


Our dual stick shooter game is available through Early Access.

We are super excited to be releasing our game Monsters! on SteamMonsters! is a fast paced dual stick shooter game for MacWindows, and Linux. When we first started working on Monsters! we dreamed of getting the game up on Steam. Today is that day. You can visit our Steam Page for more information about the game and it’s Early Access release.

If you’ve already bought Monsters! on Itch.ioDesura, or Indie Game Stand, don’t worry, these sites will also provide you with a Steam Key to download the game on Steam.

See you soon on the Leaderboards!

Big Update for Super Rock Blasters


We have a big update ready for our game Super Rock Blasters. Over the last couple of weeks we have added a lot of fun enhancements and new features to the game.

More Visual Juice


Spawn Indicators – Players now have a way to see AND choose where they are going to spawn.


Match Options – You can now customize your blasting experience by tweaking some of the game play.


Soundtrack – Blast your friends to the energetic Beyond Mind by psy-trance artist Kri.

We’ve also added a host of other enhancements under the hood to make the game run smoother and give the player a better game play experience.

If you purchased Super Rock Blasters from, you should be able to download the new version right now! If you done, pick it up on with is amazing widget…

Hello From Wizard World Philadelphia!

Howdy folks! This weekend we are at Wizard World Philadelphia and having a blast showing off some of our games to attendees. This time around we are showing off not only our game Threshold, we are also have a fun local multi-player game called Super Rock Blasters for you to play. If you are going to be at the con, stop by, say hi, and give our games a whirl!

We are working on getting a demo version of both these games up on the digital distribution site in the very near future. So if we did see you at Wizard World and you are looking to download the games, keep your eye on this space for the links. We’ll be upload them as soon as we get back.

Happy Holidays and 2015 News!

Hello and Happy Holidays!

We’ve been busy here at the Philly Game Forge trying to get Threshold ready for its Kickstarter come January. We’re putting on the finishing touches, and hope you’ll be able to help us out.

Speaking of January, We are honored to be a part of Magfest 2015’s Indie Game Showcase. If you’re going to be at Magfest or even are just going to be in the National Harbor Area, feel free to come say hi! We’ll have plenty of goodies for our fans.

We are still waiting to hear back from some other showcases, and will let you know as soon as we do.

As 2014 comes to a close, it feels like much has changed at QuadraTron. Threshold doesn’t feel like the game it was at Global Game Jam. We launched our new website. Started our Patreon page. And started a TigSource page for Threshold.

Some of our other projects didn’t get off the ground like we hoped, but we’ve learn so much from them.

But in the end we can’t help but thank you guys, our fans and supporters. You guys rock so hard, and your support is always appreciated.

Thanks so much, You guys make 2015 worth looking forward to.
-QuadraTron Games

QuadraTron and DeerFox at South Jersey Geek Fest

Last weekend QuadraTron Games was invited to set up a table at South Jersey Geek Fest. We invited our friends from DeerFox Games to share our table with us. We had a blast. A big thanks goes out to the organizers of the event, our friends over at Island Officials, for the opportunity to showcase our games.

Our game Threshold and DeerFox’s Mahou Shojo were big hits. We received some great feedback about Threshold. We also had a lot of fun putting together an impromptu Mahou Shojo tournament for the attendees. So much so that I think we should do something similar for Threshold at some future event. Perhaps a speed run tournament? 😉

ThresholdTable2 MahouShojoTable ThresholdPlayers2 MahouShojoTournamentWinners

Threshold at Tech in Motion Game Showcase

Last weekend QuadraTron Games was invited to show our game Threshold at Tech in Motion‘s monthly meetup featuring indie game developers in Philadelphia. We had a blast showing off our game to the events attendees. While there we had the opportunity to listen to a twenty minute presentation by Chris Melissinos where he talked about the art of video games. Overall, a very good time. You can also check out this nice article written by Tatiana Christian. Here’s hoping they do another one of these sometime in the near future. 😀

*Photo credit – Tatiana Christian