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QuadraTron Games
Based in Philadelphia, PA 

Founding Date:
June 2011


Super Rock Blasters!

Philly Game Forge
239 Chestnut Street
Suite 2A
Philadelphia, PA 1910

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QuadraTron Games is a small independent game development studio from Philadelphia and located at the game development co-working space the Philly Game Forge. We are inspired by the beautiful and the challenging. We continue to chase this dream of fun.


Informally founded by Zenas Bellace, Keith Maggio, and Christian Plummer, we started off as a small group of game developers who met at the Global Game Jam back in 2011. We continued to meet regularly over weekends in a similar game jam style, the results of which were often very education and quite entertaining.

We also make a point of working together at the Global Game Jam, the Philly Game Jam, and sometimes even get together remotely for events such as Ludum Dare.
While we don’t often meet for our own game jam weekend much these days, we all still continue to work closely with each other and bounce our ideas off each other.

In 2012 Zenas worked with Travis Carter to create a dual stick shooter game called Monsters! With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, they released the game in April of 2013. Monsters! was released through several distribution platforms, namely Desura,, the Mac App Store, and the Windows App Store.

Philly Game Forge
With the founding of the Philly Game Forge, QuadraTron was one of four game studios to inhabiting the first, and only, game development co-working space. Both Zenas and Christian are active members of the development community in Philadelphia, looking to share their love of playing and creating games with fellow like minded developer in the area.

Threshold was developed during the Global Game Jam 2014. Some of the original team have gotten back together and in cooperation with QuadraTron Games are currently re-developing the game from the ground up.




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Awards & Recognition

“Microsoft’s Best App a Month Contest” Microsoft App Store, Monsters!, June 2014

Selected Articles

  • QuadraTron: how Zenas went from pharmacist to indie game developer
    – Juliana Reyes, Technically Philly
  • Tech In Motion: Indie Game Developers in Philly
    – Tatiana, Driven by Tatiana
  • Fifth Global Game Jam helps video game makers share ideas
    – Joe Green,

Philly Game Forge
A co-working space for game developers located in Old City Philadelphia which is currently the home of and provided by Cipher Prime.

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Zenas Bellace
Developer, Founder

Christian Plummer
Developer, Founder

Mila Pokorny

Renee Sima

Keith Maggio
Programming Contributor

Travis Carter
Art Contributor