QuadraTron and DeerFox at South Jersey Geek Fest

Last weekend QuadraTron Games was invited to set up a table at South Jersey Geek Fest. We invited our friends from DeerFox Games to share our table with us. We had a blast. A big thanks goes out to the organizers of the event, our friends over at Island Officials, for the opportunity to showcase our games.

Our game Threshold and DeerFox’s Mahou Shojo were big hits. We received some great feedback about Threshold. We also had a lot of fun putting together an impromptu Mahou Shojo tournament for the attendees. So much so that I think we should do something similar for Threshold at some future event. Perhaps a speed run tournament? 😉

ThresholdTable2 MahouShojoTable ThresholdPlayers2 MahouShojoTournamentWinners