Super Rock Blasters Update

Hi folks, we are happy to report that we’ve uploaded the latest Super Rock Blaster update to For version 0.13 we spent some time squashing bugs:

  • A bug that was preventing the Asteroids from spawning was fixed
  • An issue where the Thrusters were still firing during Shielding was fixed
  • Scores are now locked after a match has been won
  • Ties are no longer possible
  • Scores now appear in order of player number
  • Asteroids no longer spawn in the middle of the screen
  • The winner is now displayed as that player’s color at the end of a match
  • Fixed an issue where audio was too quite
  • The game no longer bugs out on first launch
  • Canceling a match during the countdown is properly handled now
  • Fixed the Full Screen toggle to accurately list it’s current state

QuadraTron Games Launches Super Rock Blasters! on


Super Rock Blasters: A Classic Arcade-Inspired Competitive Local Multiplayer Shooter for PC from QuadraTron Games.


QuadraTron Games is proud to announce that it will be launching its latest game, Super Rock Blasters!, on the indie game distribution platform on Tuesday, June 2nd. Super Rock Blasters! is a competitive local multiplayer shooter inspired by the arcade classics Asteroids and Space War. 2 to 4 players can compete for space supremacy in this fast-paced shooter. More info about Super Rock Blasters! can be found on the game’s press kit.

QuadraTron Games is a small, independent game studio from Philadelphia, located in the game development co-working space the Philly Game Forge.