Philadelphia-based QuadraTron Games Kickstarting Threshold

Threshold: Switching Your Perspective Changes More Than You Expect.

PHILADELPHIA, February 18. 2015

After a year of raising this beautiful game from the ground up, QuadraTron Game is seeking funds to finish their game, Threshold. Threshold is a puzzle platformer with a hand-painted world of wonder filled with head-scratching puzzles. The team is currently on Kickstarter, attempting to raise $47,000 to complete the development.

In Threshold, you play as the cute little gnomish wizard, Hood, who needs to find their way through a series of mysterious doorways. All is not as it seems, however, as depending on which direction Hood faces, the world changes to present different challenges. Elements that are in the winter world will not be in the summer world. This, and other platforms elements such as super jump or moving platforms, offer hours of unique puzzle solving fun. Threshold was originally developed during the Global Game Jam of 2014.  After seeing the potential of what the game could be, some of the original team has gotten back together and are currently re-developing the game from the ground up. This process consists of fully developing the art, and level building.

More info regarding the game and its crowdfunding campaign can all be found here: &

QuadraTron Games is a small, independent studio from Philadelphia, located at the game development co-working space the Philly Game Forge. Other names to come out of the Philly Game Forge are Cipher Prime and Final Form Games. All three studios currently have games on sale on Valve’s popular PC distribution service, Steam.

Happy Holidays and 2015 News!

Hello and Happy Holidays!

We’ve been busy here at the Philly Game Forge trying to get Threshold ready for its Kickstarter come January. We’re putting on the finishing touches, and hope you’ll be able to help us out.

Speaking of January, We are honored to be a part of Magfest 2015’s Indie Game Showcase. If you’re going to be at Magfest or even are just going to be in the National Harbor Area, feel free to come say hi! We’ll have plenty of goodies for our fans.

We are still waiting to hear back from some other showcases, and will let you know as soon as we do.

As 2014 comes to a close, it feels like much has changed at QuadraTron. Threshold doesn’t feel like the game it was at Global Game Jam. We launched our new website. Started our Patreon page. And started a TigSource page for Threshold.

Some of our other projects didn’t get off the ground like we hoped, but we’ve learn so much from them.

But in the end we can’t help but thank you guys, our fans and supporters. You guys rock so hard, and your support is always appreciated.

Thanks so much, You guys make 2015 worth looking forward to.
-QuadraTron Games