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What We Do


Team QuadraTron is the software development team for QuadraTron Games. We are a Certified Unity Developer studio with a passionate know how for creating video games and other interactive experiences. We want to utilize our development expertise to help you realize your vision. Our services include:

  • PC, Console, and Mobile Game and Simulation Development
  • Virtual Reality Development with Oculus, Vive, Google Cardboard, and Other VR Platforms
  • Augmented Reality Development for iOS and Android
  • Steam and other platform integrations (leaderboards, achievements, etc)
  • Technology and Design Consultation

Who We Are

Co-Founder, ProgrammerLinkedIn
Zenas is the get-er-done and socially friendly half of Team QuadraTron. Having many years experience with mission critical projects, his attention to detail is not to be understated. He often works closely with clients to ensure that the requirements for a project fully meet their needs.

Co-Founder, Software Engineer
Christian is a problem solver and the main architect of many of the systems we develop. Working within a variety of unique development environments has provided him with the know how to create robust systems that solve the diverse problems that can arise in game development.

Our Work

DiagnosticDrivingAssessment Tool (Prototype)
Diagnostic Driving
Diagnostic Driving is a philadelphia-based start-up spun-out of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia delivering validated crash-risk assessment. Using our expertise with the Unity Game Engine, we built a driving simulation prototype that is now being used as a foundation for their virtual crash-risk assessment technologies.

BocoDigitalMediaITEN Booth VR Experience
Boco Digital Media
Boco Digital Media is a digital solutions company out of Philadelphia who specializes in providing creative services for application and media development. Boco was looking to wow potential clients with a VR experience at it’s ITEN show booth. We were able to create that experience for them utilizing our expertise with the Unity Game Engine along side of the Oculus Rift VR system.

QTSuperRockBlastersSuper Rock Blasters!
QuadraTron Games
Super Rock Blasters! is a competitive local multiplayer game inspired by the arcade classic Asteroids and initially conceived during a 12 hour game jam. Our goal with this game was to build something that convention attendees (ourselves included) could have a blast with. We are happy to say that it’s been a great hit! It is available for purchase on now and will be released on Steam in early 2017.

QuadraTron Games
Monsters! is a retro style dual stick shooter based on score chasing mechanics. It was inspired by the arcade classics Robotron 2084 and SmashTV. It was originally released on Desura in 2013 but is now available on and Steam (Early Access).

QTThresholdThreshold (Prototype)
QuadraTron Games
Threshold is a puzzle platforming game originally created during the Global Game Jam of 2014. Over the proceeding months we worked with artist Mila Pokorny to develop it’s beautiful, Mary Blair inspired art style. A prototype version of the game was finished (but not released) later that year. The game was approved for release on Steam, however, it is currently awaiting funding for continued development.