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What is Threshold?

Threshold is a puzzle platformer game where you play as the cute little gnomish wizard, Hood, who needs to find their way through a series of mysterious doorways. All is not as it seems, however, as depending on which direction Hood faces, the world changes to present different challenges.

What is the backstory?

Threshold was originally developed during the Global Game Jam of 2014. You can download the original GGJ version of the game at IndieDB. Some of the original team have gotten back together and, in cooperation with QuadraTron Games, are currently re-developing the game from the ground up.

Key Features

  • a dreamlike watercolor world painted by Mila Pokorny
  • a chilling ambient dynamic soundtrack that is influenced by the players actions
  • many hours of head-scratching platforming puzzles to solve
  • an interactive world of mysterious and magical adventure



Download All Threshold Screenshots as .zip

Threshold1loop Threshold3loop Threshold2loop

threshold1summer threshold1winter threshold2summer

threshold2winter threshold3summer threshold3winter

Threshold Credits

Zenas Bellace: Programming & Production
Mila Pokorny: Art
Christian Plummer: Programming

Additional Original Global Game Jam Team Members
Cory Novich, Camden Segal, David Stemmer

About QuadraTron Games

QuadraTron Games is a small independent game development studio from Philadelphia and located at the game development co-working space the Philly Game Forge. We are inspired by the beautiful and the challenging. We continue to chase this dream of fun.

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